I am excited for this opportunity God has called me to experience & participate in! He has opened doors & taught me to trust Him in ways I have never imagined. Everything belongs to God & my trust is in Him to provide for all my needs.

I am thankful for the team that God has provided & am praying that He will continue to raise up a team of partners who desire to be part of this ministry with Training Center Kompas – JosiahVenture. Here are a few ways you can become involved.

Investment Opportunities

Prayer team
This team commits itself to pray faithfully for me & the work I am involved in.

Encouragement team
This team will remain in contact correspond with letters, emails, call, instant message &/or send care packages.

Financial team
This team will support our ministry with Training Center Kompas as a monthly, annually or a one-time contributor.

If God leads you to financially support us through a tax-deductible gift, please sent it:
A, Directly to TCK Slovakia at TCK bank account:
Treningove Centrum Kompas OZ
Tatra banka, a. s., Street: Hodzovo nam. 3, 811 06 Bratislava 1, Slovak Republic
Bank account number: 2699360008 Bank code 1100
Swift code (for international bank wire transfers): TATRSKBX
IBAN: SK62 1100 0000 0026 9936 0008

B, Through Josiah Venture – USA, PO Box 4317; Wheaton, IL 60189-4317, Tel: 630-393-0195; USA
SSKOWERA@DOMANADA.COM. Please designate your gift for individual support by name – Peter Hrubo, Account number: 35003. You can give on line through JV: 


C, Through Stewardship services – United Kingdom – reference number is: 20038982
Please open the file (in acrobat reader – open the attachment at this web site – stewardshipformuk.pdfl) and print the two pages, front and back, onto one A4 sheet and then fold into A5 leaflet. If you cannot open it or print it, please let me know, I will send it to you by mail. The application form can then easily be completed and detached, the other part being kept by you. Please do not print (or copy) onto separate sheets.
~ It is essential that you use this purpose designed form (with our printed reference number: 20038982 on it). Various aspects, including the declaration and the Direct Debit section, are critical. Please send the form to Stewardship, Loughton, PO Box 99, Essex IG10 3QJ, UK to open an account with Stewardship Services. Email: Enquiries@stewardship.org.uk, www.stewardship.org.uk.
~ After you open an account with Stewardship Services, they will confirm to us the amount, frequency and the start date of your donation. But it is always good if you inform us about your giving too through our form below*. (especially when it is first time through Stew. Services). Payments will be sent to TC KOMPAS OZ by cheque with the list of the donors (and the paid amount). If there is a name of my donor I will get your gift through TCK OZ.
TAX RECOVERED ~ We will aically be sent the recovered tax (less the donation to Stewardship Services -3%) when someone uses their account to direct all their giving to us. However this is not possible if a donor starts to use their account on a flexible basis to give to others as well. In this event, it is your, the donor who distributes reclaimed tax among their chosen beneficiaries using their Stewardship Vouchers. The net tax recovered is usually passed to us quarterly and may be combined with a regular gift.

TCK General Contact Information
Vojtecha Spanyola 37
ŽILINA 010 01
IČO:.31781268, IČO assigned ŠÚ SR
DIČ 2020991170
Registered: Minister of the Interior of the SR
Document Number: VVS/1-900/90-12360-2
Trade Register in Žilina: registration page 4013/2000
Account Number:
IBAN: SK62 1100 0000 0026 9936 0008