New school year 2006/7 in TCK

We experienced a great summer, especially the English camps we organized alongside with four local churches from Slovakia and one from Serbia.
We are thankful for God’s faithfulness, for those who came to serve, those who served as well as for young students who were open to think about Jesus and gave their lives to Him. Over 300 young people took part in KECY SK (English conversational camps) project this summer.

We accepted 19 students, the youth leaders from 5 denominations and 8 different local churches in the program – School for the leaders (SPM) this school year.

We will emphasize both the teaching as well as the mentoring program with every individual student this year in the SPM. We pray that the program would
bring a lot of fruit not merely to the students but to their youth ministry too.

Praise the Lord for:
Grace and His presence during evangelistic camps, Kompas organized alongside with the five churches. Bratislava (Baptists), Prešov (Lutheran), Lucenec (Baptist), Žilina (Evangelical free church) and one more Baptists church in Serbia. KECY SK – English summer camps project.

New established TCK team and continuation of the college ministry

Healthy process of the accomplishment of our TCK purpose – to train, help and inspire youth leaders who are raising up the next generation of Christ followers in the church.

19 new students in the School for the youth leaders the ability to open the Café again from October ‘06 (TCK does not organize a local ministry for the students there any more)

For the financial resources that helps us to do the ministry.

Please pray for:
Wisdom to solve organizational issues like – the reconstruction of the heating system, Cafe running, etc.

Wisdom to lead the organization as well as the Training department, SPM team – the lectors and the mentors.

The preparation of the Training Youth leaders Conference ‘07 .