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Month: March 2015

Too expensive second…

One month ago I experienced oral surgery and here is my reflection: This is brand new experience for me. When I was teenager, during an ice hockey match my coach shouted at me:

“On the board with him!” But high stick of the opponent caused my/todays special experience. I cannot sleep straight, only half/sit position, I cannot talk (it is ridiculous, how the missionary can exist without ability to talk? I understand better John’s Baptizer father Zachariah, first two days I was using the board and the pen to write down everything), I cannot sing (I love to sing!) and it is very difficult to eat (no apples any more). I am drinking everything (the soup, potatoes, yogurt, meat, etc). And I have plenty strings in my mouth. And they told me to continue to clean my teeth, what a joke!

Well it is strong experience and definitely I am fan of new strong experiences. My daughter Michaela told me that I look like a fresh student in the basic school, without two front teethes. The worst thing is that I cannot smile/laugh, it is pretty painful, but maybe you know I love to laugh a lot. Last night I struggled to get a sleep. At 2am I decided to wait till 3.30am to take my antibiotics and listen to some worship music (it was the time when I realized that I cannot sing). It was great for I praised the Lord for the ability to listen. What a gift! I can hear! I was totally overwhelmed by His goodness and grace. It was very special moment. I really love Him! And the life is so great, I really enjoy the abundance of life from Him, I am experiencing during these days.

I can see a big progress in my life in the area of acceptance/experience of the pain. My love language is physical contact and it means that I always tried to avoid any physical pain in my life. Even a tiny one. I have many many stories about my run away from a pain. Recently I’ve understood that this needs to be changed, I needed to learn how to carry the pain and even more – how to embrace it. Man should be able to do that, I should be able to resist it and be strong in this kind of situation for who knows what there, in the future, His people will have to face? Maybe the physical pain too. I praise the Lord that I can go through this practice!

It will be long trip. It seems that I am the one of the most complicated patient for them and they like it. I can see it. I am traveling every second day to Martin town to see the doctor. Nobody was able to do that in Zilina :-(. During the trips I enjoy our Fatra mountains a lot, it’s beautiful scenery, colorful leaves, beautiful nature. I really enjoy this season of life and I always have great time on the way with HIM.

My younger daughter told me: “Daddy you are loosing respect without two front teeth, you look so funny…”. Currently the wound has healed, I am ready for another challenge! It is great lesson to learn how to “do not take myself too seriously” (I am not sure if you can understand this Slovak saying).

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