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Month: August 2007

Project CampFest 2007

CampFest is Open Air festival of Christian (not only music) production where (from three to four thousands) young people worship God, pray for revival and are exposed to the Gospel. The idea of the festival has been developed by SIET fellowship and Youth for Christ took the main responsibility for the event. It is always a great privilege for our TCK team to serve there, for we believe that the Lord will use this event as the national revival start point in our country in the unique way.

US trip

Part of my summer was visit of USA. Here is brief video “summary” of this trip.

Aquarium Atlanta

I am persuaded that everybody worship something or somebody, if he knows it or not, if he wants to do that or not. Three hours in Aquarium Atlanta I spent last July, led me to worship God in new powerful and exciting way. Ken and Sara, thanks for providing me this kind of experience.

Roma village

How rich we are! We have got so many things we do not need necessary for our life. We I found myself in the Romany village in the East Slovakia I was overwhelmed by the compassion for them as well as by the gratitude towards our God that I was born by His grace in the family that never suffered by destitution.

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