It was such a joy to spend last week together with our TCK team, coworkers and many others/youth workers from JV family, seeking God on behalf of His movement in Central and Eastern Europe! What a privilege!

If you are interested in further study in this area of movements. I want to make you aware of three opportunities:
1) If you’d like to listen to the Moravian tour, or any of the talks from the conference, they are being uploaded on Sound Cloud. You can currently find the Moravian tour by searching for “Josiah Venture” on Sound Cloud. Also, be sure to check back on the Josiah Venture site for all of the talks, which will be uploaded soon:
2) If you’re interested in reading more about the Moravians, let me recommend two free resources. For a quick study, read the Christian History Magazine about Zinzendorf and the Moravians here: For more information, download J.E. Hutton’s great book in a variety of formats: